Friday, April 3, 2015

Muckraker Resumes

My Thoughts

At this point in the year, students can search and evaluate websites and other sources, so I don't spend much time planning every detail. I also don't show them every click and webpage because they'll just ask me to show them individually. Plus, the students who are good at figuring things out get to show the other students and do so voluntarily. In other words, let them play a little to figure it out.


Although my students learned resume formats in English, some of them didn't feel confident that they could make one on their own. Since they needed to learn about muckrakers, I thought it was a good chance to practice making resumes, research, and working with others.

Students used all of the resumes made by the class to decide which muckraker should be put on a postal stamp.


As students searched for information, they shared, laughed, and learned. It's always fun to have student-led content activities.

How's It Going?

What's Next?


Write a paragraph explaining your choice for the postal stamp.


  1. Activity was helpful in educating about 'muckrakers' and the roles they played in redefining societal standards. Despite this the medium of communication was unrelated to the learning goal.

  2. What was the learning goal?

  3. I would give this project a plus because it gives a nice, succinct place to learn information on Muckrakers instead of having to read long, wordy paragraphs that make it tedious to learn the same info.


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