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Google Operators

Many students do not know how to use Google Search efficiently. Although effective use of this tool relies on the keywords typed into the search box, understanding of how country codes and Google Operators are crucial for successful search results.

Search Operators

Search Operator Examples

Doing Research

Research is used to identify a variety of activities. Researchers are people who search for information from as many sources as possible and publishes about their work and findings. Students using Google Search for an assignment is not research. To researchers, it's sort of like a professional drummer walking past a circle of non-drummers participating in a drum circle. There are certainly drums, but the number of drummers is questionable.

Most of the "research" our students will do is either to learn about a topic / issue or to select evidence to support a thesis. In this case, research papers are often essays, especially since there is likely very little new information being added to any body of knowledge. Essays are important, however, because they convey arguments in the most formal manner.

My favorite resource for doing research and writing arguments is The Craft of Research by (Booth, Colomb, Williams: 1995). The deck below shares some of the highlights of the book, which I recommend for anyone who will need to write academic papers of any kind.

Evaluating Text and Visual Sources



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  1. Along with Google we should also have a knowledge of Emails, Networking, at least we could manage a domestic or local network or hosted system.


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